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The end of episode eight of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man saw this season’s antagonist, Isabella Augustine, bring about the demise of our hero, Harry Clayton, with the final shot being of Clayton’s lifeless body in the rain having been electrocuted.  One might think that the death of the main character in a show about a lucky bracelet somewhat goes against the idea of the programme but, as the characters are always quick to remind us, luck always balances it out in the end.  However, that being said, I think there is minimal chance that Harry Clayton will stay dead for any length of time, if he is dead at all.  Although death is normally a fairly permanent phenomenon in detective shows, let’s just say I don’t think it was a coincidence that the episode aired on Good Friday.

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In the preview for episode nine, Clayton was ominously absent, but I suppose it would have somewhat ruined the effect of the cliffhanger if the supposedly dead man had been seen walking about in the next episode, seconds after he was pronounced dead.  That said, one thing that was evident in the trailer was that Clayton does not come back to life straight away.  The trailer showed many of the character talking about Clayton’s death, and I even thought I saw a scene which may have been from his funeral, which suggests that Clayton remains dead for at least a couple of weeks – if not forever.  Suri, Winter, and Orwell were all seen speaking about Clayton’s death so it is unlikely that any of them are involved in reviving him, although I have a sneaky suspicion that Orwell might help Harry in some way.  It would seem fitting that Orwell, who was the pantomime villain for much of season one and is openly critical of Clayton’s secrecy and tendency for breaking protocol, would be the one to work behind his boss’ back in order to help Harry bring in Isabella.

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What I think will happen is that there will be a ‘Jon Snow’ type reveal at the end of episode nine that Harry is still alive and kicking, meaning the stage is completely set for the final showdown in episode ten.  My guess would be that, as Anna and Eve were with Harry when he ‘died’, his body will be taken back to Harry’s brother, Rich’s house, where the bracelet will somehow allow Harry to rise from the dead.  I feel his daughter, Daisy, will also have something to do with his resurrection as I remember her telling Rich something to the effect of “we can be Harry’s sidekicks.”  My guess is that Orwell, Eve, Ana, Rich, and Daisy will all work together to bring Harry back from the dead and that he will appear at the end of the episode ready to bring Isabella to justice.

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However, if resurrecting somebody wasn’t complicated enough as it is, it looks like Harry won’t even be able to rely on the bracelet as the trailer shows that Eve has given it to somebody else.  This person does not seem to be the most trustworthy man to give a lucky bracelet to seeing as he is beating somebody up in the only clip we see of him, and Eve’s declaration of “I did something stupid” does not fill me with confidence.  A further complication is that of Golding.  In my view we have not seen nearly enough of him this season for his time on the show to be over, so we can expect to see him again over the course of the final two episodes.  Whether he will still be trying to take the bracelet for himself or whether he will unite with the police to repel the threat of this new bearer of the bracelet, we cannot be sure, but I feel sure that we have not seen the end of him.  There would be no reason for the writers to keep him alive if he was not going to reappear as it would have been no trouble for Isabella to arrange an ‘accident’ for him rather than having Eve spare his life.

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On the other hand, I do feel that Golding’s days are numbered as it is difficult to see how he could escape death twice in the same season when the main antagonists are dropping like flies every week.  I suspect he will die towards the end of episode ten, probably by the hands of Isabella as she seems to despise all those who know about and want the bracelet.  I also think it is likely that Isabella herself will die before the end of the season as I find it hard to believe that she could go back to living a normal life, and Harry would never stop hunting her down if she would not relinquish the bracelet.  I feel she might end up helping the police bring down the person Eve gave Harry’s bracelet to and die in the process.  Certainly, she is the master of using her bracelet so I feel she would be able to overcome her opponent, particularly if he has just be given his bracelet.  It is very difficult to see a resolution to season two which does not involve numerous deaths for main characters, and if Isabella, Golding, Harry, and Orwell all make it to the end of the series unscathed I will be very surprised.

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While the end of Lucky Man is likely to see the villains brought to justice and/or die, I cannot see past the ending being very destructive.  As I have said before, there could be several deaths of main characters and even those who survive are likely to be permanently scarred by what they have gone through.  I would guess that, in the end, Harry, Golding and Isabella will die in the act of killing the new holder of Harry’s bracelet, while Daisy and Anna will go and live with Jonny and but will be emotionally scarred.  Winter will then retire having had his heart broken by finding out that Isabella is a murderer, while Orwell will become head of department, having made a hero of himself.  Eve will do her best to destroy the bracelets, if, indeed, that is possible, and then go and live a lonely life.  Meanwhile, Suri and Rich will go and live together, doing their best to forget everything that happened, and Suri will quit her job in the police.  This would probably be considered a happy ending, but there is nobody who would leave unscathed and the bracelets would end up having a profound effect on everybody involved.

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That is my guess for what will happen in the final two episodes of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, although it is no more than guesswork so I would be very surprised if I am at all correct.  The most likely outcome is that I will end up being proved completely wrong and this article will be there forever to remind me why I am not a script writer, but hey ho!  Whatever happens, I’m sure Lucky Man will prove to have a great ending in store and maybe even a third season, though, as you have probably guessed from my predictions, I am not expecting there to be.  The only thing I am sure of is that the show has been brilliant over the past 18 episodes, and I am certain the final two episodes will not disappoint.