Gameweek 38 wrapped up the Fantasy Premier League season and I celebrated it by using my Triple Captain chip to try and give myself a final boost.  Everything was going swimmingly as Divock Origi wasn’t playing, meaning I was set to gain an extra 18 points from my vice-captain, Eden Hazard, but then Liverpool brought on Origi with three minutes remaining, dashing my hopes.  In the end, I still ended up with 64 points – six points above the average – so it is still a reasonable end to the season, but it could have been so much better.  Here is how my team got on:


Fraser Forster – Given the extortionate number of goals which were scored this week, I was actually really pleased that Forster only conceded once.
Vincent Kompany – Kompany scored, kept a clean sheet, and grabbed a bonus point in City’s 5-0 win over West Brom, adding 13 points to my total.
Marcos Alonso – Sunderland managed to score against Chelsea, meaning Alonso got two points.
Ben Davies – Even Spurs’ left-back was among the goals in their 7-1 win over Hull, adding eight points to my score.
César Azpilicueta – I made the decision to add a second Chelsea defender to my squad this week but the decision didn’t pay off as he got just two points.
Eden Hazard – Hazard scored and picked up two bonus points for Chelsea against Sunderland, adding a useful nine points to my score.
Nathan Redmond – It probably wasn’t my finest decision to keep Redmond in my starting eleven seeing as Southampton haven’t scored in five home games, and that showed in the 1-0 loss to Stoke.
Roberto Firmino – The Liverpool midfielder returned to the starting eleven to bag an assist and a clean sheet bonus for me.
Christian Eriksen – Eriksen got two assists in Tottenham’s 7-1 victory and also picked up a bonus point, returning nine points.
Romelu Lukaku – The Belgian striker scored against Arsenal and picked up two bonus points, earning a useful eight points.
Divock Origi – I will never forgive Jürgen Klopp for choosing to bring on Origi rather than opt for a youngster as it cost me 18 points which would potentially have moved me closer to the top half a million.
This week epitomised my season in fantasy football as I beat the average score by a couple of points, but not enough to considerably rise up the league table.  I will have to use the summer to take a long hard look at myself in the mirror and consider my strategy ahead of next season.  The hard work starts now.